Woodford you made 2014 beautiful to begin with

Every year in Woodford, Queensland, Australia takes place the Woodford Folk Festival. It is a place in the mountains where people smile, the feeling of freedom is continuous and seriously if you could live there you would. Spending NYE over there was the most wonderful time of my life. The age goes from new bord to 80 years old. Environmentalists, families, artists, hipsters, hippies, everybody was there to welcome 2014 and this was a beautiful start of the year. Here is what I’ve captured from there:



Live, Fit, Now: Tara’s mantra

Have you done your resolutions list yet?
I’m pretty sure that “Exercise” is part of it. Don’t subscribe to a gym where you’ll never go, don’t force yourself to run if you hate it, just move your body and do something that you like. I understood that after interviewing Tara who has her own training company Live Fit Now and explained that exercising and eating healthy is part of a whole lifestyle.
I’ll let you watch all of her tips and explanation about how exercising can make you feel better and healthier:

Also she has a book http://www.live-fit-now.com/ebook.html
Join the community on Facebook and talk about your own experience with all the Livefitters out there.

SYMMETRY Yann Pineill klap



SYMMETRY Yann Pineill


BLOUM – Faith

Moveable House Elii 067 Didomestic

FRENCH FICTION – Hervé De Wilde & Charles Bourgois
(just because someone told me yesterday how great it was to get beers at McDonald’s in France)

weareallthesame_Ankom Dreams_klap

We Are All The Same

To begin this new year, I wanted to share this amazing project that mixes photography, video and street art. Well, you know, kind of what we like here at Klap. Ankom Dreams is an artistic duo with a simple message  “Difference is the best ressemblance”, I’ll let you enjoy this awesome piece.

“We Are All The Same” from Ankom Dreams started as a photographic project but they went the extra mile and made it into a video. Beautiful lyrics, music, images, and men of course. Raw images representing 6 men uniting in the street, despite their looks, differences and skin color.

The project is a beautiful collaboration between the duo Ankom Dreams, director Dabo Premier Kadima, poet Jay Prophet and composer Ouz’One.

Such a beautiful message to start this new year, can’t wait to see the future projects of Ankom Dreams.

If you want to see more, here’s and interview from cool mag Dame Olive

Come maison_klap

Feeling home with Maison Côme

Côme is a fashion family house located in Paris–where the designers grew up–with it’s own odour, style and characteristics.

Brother and sister, Clémence and Matthieu came together to create this beautiful project. A feminine and masculine mix that we can see  all the way through their collection.

What I love about their concept is their originality and that their clothes are double sided. They are reversible, adaptable to the style you want to have for the day or the moment. It can be worn by a man and a woman. Yes you will finally be able to steal each other’s clothes without feeling guilty!

Côme is like home: where each piece of clothing is unique and one member of one big family.

Check their website: maison-come.fr

come house klap

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